EPIC Solo mining instructions

Initialize the Node and Wallet

Download latest windows files at https://epic.tech/downloads/

Extract all 4 on your desktop

Open the epic-wallet folder

Run epic-wallet-create.bat, enter password twice and SAVE YOUR SEED PHRASE

Run epic.exe from the epic folder

Wait for Chain Height to be equal to Header Chain Height

Run epic-wallet-listen.bat, enter password and keep open

CPU Randomx

Run epic-miner.exe from the epic-miner folder

GPU ProgPow

Open epic-miner.toml from the epic-miner-opencl folder

Line 40 change RandomX for ProgPow

Notepad++ is available at https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/


Open epic-miner.toml, line 40 change RandomX for ProgPow

Line 80, copy those lines one time for each GPU, and increment their device number

device = 0
driver = 2
device = 1
driver = 2
device = 2
driver = 2
device = 3
driver = 2

Run epic-miner.exe

Use the mining tab in epic.exe to see accepted/rejected shares and blocks found

Once you have found a block, run epic-wallet-info.bat, enter password, and you will see your coins


You only need to install the miner on your other computers
But first, you need to edit files on the first one

Open your Local Disk C
In the folder / users / YOUR USER / .epic / main
Edit epic-server.toml

Line 164, change the stratum address to to accept connections

On the other computers, you only need to download the miner

Edit epic-miner.toml in the miner folder

Line 40, set your algorithm just like before
Line 46, enter the ip of the computer with the node and listener on

Run epic-miner.exe

Back on the EPIC node
Click the mining tab and you will see your other worker, a connection status statistics about your mining

Difficulty adjustment

This settings adjust the difficulty of the shares your miner sends to your node

It can be useful to set it higher if you have too many rejected/stale shares
I recommend 40million per 1080ti

Open your Local Disk C
In the folder / users / YOUR USER / .epic / main
Edit epic-server.toml

Line 171, change the value of `progpow_minimum_share_difficulty`

Restart your node




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